OHL Helping to Establish Recovery Support Systems in Uganda

OHL Helping to Establish Recovery Support Systems in Uganda  - OHL in AFRICA!

OHL believes in global activism! For several years, OHL has partnered with Global Livingston Institute to support free concerts in East Africa centered around culture sharing, public health, and economic development. OHL supports several live music festivals in different East African cities, which are part celebration, part social service. Concert goers have access to free HIV testing and other medical services, as well as health education and information. Over the years, the concerts have featured over 100 performers, over 7,500 HIV tests that have been administered and over 38,000 concertgoers have attended.

OHL is also actively working towards helping to establish an Alcoholics Anonymous network in Uganda. OHL Community Supportive Services Program Manager Robert Chandler has been hard at work in Kabale, leading meetings of local pastors, geared towards helping the pastors in Kabale to identify ways their congregations can help those with alcoholism, HIV/AIDS and mental health issues to access services. A committee was formed out of this meeting with the goal to partner with the medical system and to approach government officials to educate them about these three issues, hopefully to get their attention and support.