Lake Charles Area Services

Lake Charles Area Services - Lake Charles

OHL is pleased to expand its Continuum of Care into Southwestern Louisiana, where we offer several programs in the Lake Charles area.

Short-Term Residential Treatment
Ph: (337) 433-3786
OHL’s 40-bed Briscoe-Lake Charles Adult Residential Program serves men and women 18 years of age and older. OHL offers 40 beds for short-term (approximately 28-day) inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment, focused intensively on the most basic aspects of drug rehab treatment, such as abstinence from substance use, life skills building, and recovery tools.

Reentry Program
Ph: (337) 433-3786 ext 7113
This program aims to reduce returns to prison by improving and expanding community reentry resources. Via case management and transportation services, OHL provides access to employment and employment readiness services, behavioral health care (mental health and substance use treatment), family reunification, education and/ or vocational training, and other wraparound services. Goals of the program are to increase rates of employment, income, and stable housing for participants and avoid recidivism and re-incarceration, while reconnecting participants with their family and the community.

Treatment Program Admissions Criteria

  • To be eligible, clients must have Medicaid, Medicare, or be uninsured. OHL is a Medicaid Application Center and can assist in Medicaid enrollment.
  • Clients seeking treatment must have proof of Louisiana residency (i.e. a Louisiana ID). Some form of picture ID is required.
  • Bring a 30-day supply of all prescribed medication for the 28-day stay.


Referral  - Lake Charles

Referral forms may be accessed here or by clicking on the referral image to the left. Note: Clients can be self-referred.


Detox and Residential Program: (337) 433-3786 or (504) 821-9211, option 6
Reentry Program: (337) 433-3786 ext 7113
Fax: (337) 226-3600