Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL) is a non-profit behavioral health care provider with an emphasis on addiction treatment.

Established in 1973, the mission of Odyssey House Louisiana is to provide holistic and client-centered services in a safe environment that address the full continuum of special care needs for the state of Louisiana. OHL’s encompassing system of care includes detox, treatment, behavioral and medical healthcare, life-skills, counseling, and case management. Through our services, OHL empowers individuals to become active participants in their treatment and recovery to reclaim functional, productive lives.

Our Mission

Odyssey House Louisiana puts research and proven approaches into practice to provide comprehensive services to people affected by substance abuse, and is nationally recognized as a model treatment program. In collaboration with other community resources, OHL’s holistic services facilitate the healing process of addiction recovery and help individuals to start anew and build healthy lives. Equipped with new skills for living and working, and assisted with employment and housing, OHL program graduates return to their communities ready to assume responsibility for themselves and others.

It is OHL's philosophy to treat the whole person, not just the addiction.

OHL’s holistic approach addresses the physical, mental, emotional and social conditions of each client in treating the illness of addiction. Services and programs include substance abuse treatment, complete health and mental health care, life-skills training, vocational training, individual and group counseling, parenting classes and childcare, case management and housing placement.