As of July 2022, OHL has assumed operations of three substance use disorder treatment programs in Bayou Vista, Louisiana. While these program will retain their former names for the time being, OHL is thriled to add these programs under its continuum of care and we look forward to providing services in south central Louisiana.

Fairview Treatment Center

The detox program at Fairview Treatment Center is a medically monitored program that offers clients a means to safely withdraw from alcohol and/or substance abuse. The detox unit is staffed by local physicians, along with a full nursing staff, to make certain all medications provided are appropriate and are given in accordance with the medical protocol for this program. Clients undergo detox for a minimum of three days and up to seven days depending on their condition. Additionally, clients are able to meet with the counseling staff to assess their readiness for change – as well as to educate and assist the detox client in developing an appropriate discharge plan.

Fairview Treatment Center offers the client intensive inpatient therapy for up to thirty (30) days. Our rehab philosophy is based on the belief that the client’s addiction is a symptom of a much deeper emotional state of mind. Our goal is to determine what brought the client to his/her addiction in order to provide the most effective treatment. While we work within the 12-step framework, there are numerous therapeutic interventions that we utilize to help clients cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), grief, anger, depression, and other mood disorders – as well as other social and emotional pain at the root of their addictive behaviors.

Additional program-specific information can be found here.

Claire House

Claire House is a residential program for women and their children 12 beds for women 24 beds for children (age birth to 10). Utilizing individual, group and family counseling, as well as exercise, recreational activity, 12-step self-help groups and a structured, disciplined environment, the women and children will receive state-of -the-art care to restructure their lives and live successfully, drug free. The children?s' program will facilitate cognitive, social emotional and physical learning by utilizing developmentally appropriate practices and equipment in addition to a complete holistic learning experience.

Additional program-specific information can be found here.

Drug Court

This program is an intensive outpatient program dedicated to treating defendants referred by the 16th Judicial District.


Fairview Treatment Center: (985) 395-6750
Claire House: (985) 395-2424


1101 Southeast Blvd, Morgan City, LA 70380