OHL Community and Economic Impact

OHL Community and Economic Impact - OHL Community and Economic Impact

In November 2016, Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL) retained Tripp Umbach to conduct a community and economic impact study to determine the financial and social benefits of OHL’s operations and services on the State of Louisiana, its communities, and residents. After completing in-depth research, gathering financial information on OHL, conducting interviews with internal and external key stakeholders, and generating current and projected economic impact models, Tripp Umbach developed this report to highlight the key community and economic impact findings.

Key findings from the study revealed:

OHL’s investment in treatment services provides cost savings to the State of Louisiana. Investing in treatment services over the alternatives of incarceration or foregoing treatment provides cost savings. For every $1 that goes toward treatment services, $7 is saved on average in benefits from decreased health care costs, decreased criminal justice costs, and increased employment opportunities. OHL has budgeted investing over $11.3 million toward delivering treatment in 2018, and this investment is projected to generate $79.2 million in savings to the state.

In 2016, the overall economic impact of Odyssey House Louisiana on the State of Louisiana amounted to $14.7 million annually. This impact is attributed to the direct spending of OHL on goods and services, as well as the indirect/induced impact of spending by suppliers and staff in the state economy.

Over the next five years, Odyssey House Louisiana will be expanding operations and services. OHL’s expansion also will yield increased economic impact on the State of Louisiana. Odyssey House Louisiana is anticipated to generate $29.9 million in economic impact in FY21.

You can read the study, which includes interviews from key stakeholders, here.