Client Success Story!

Client Success Story! - Client Success Story!

Very Local New Orleans published an inspiring piece about Nonno’s Cajun Cuisine & Pastries, a local eatery with an added mission to use the restaurant as a force for good, a safe place that welcomes ex-inmates trying to make their way in a post-prison world. The piece features one of their waitresses, Val, who went through our Short-Term and Transitions program and is now a Sober Living Program client, with more than 100 days sober! An excerpt from the story:

"Baleria is hopeful. She works her program every day now, sees her kids and grandchildren, goes to therapy. “Adam Rivas is my counselor from Odyssey House, without him I’d be dead. He doesn’t let me get away with anything.” What would she say to a woman coming out of jail, somebody like her? “Keep moving forward. You can’t drive a car looking in the rearview mirror – you’re going to have a wreck. If you believe in God, pray fervently every day. Get a group support system and a sponsor. And go to every ‘A’ meeting you can think of AA, NA, CA. What you’re feeling, somebody else is feeling the same thing. You aren’t alone.”

What an inspiration and amazing shout out to our program and especially Transitions Counselor Adam Rivas! Click here to read the full story!