Overdose Prevention (Revive. Survive.)

Overdose Prevention (Revive. Survive.) - Overdose Prevention

Within OHL's broader mission to provide holistic and client-centered services to the Greater New Orleans community, the Overdose Prevention Program aims to combat our city’s opioid epidemic. Through community wide partnerships, the Overdose Prevention Program will develop and implement a best practice model to train individuals and agencies on naloxone, provide direct distribution of naloxone, and increase access to treatment opportunities as well as other related health services.

Through our city wide collaborations, we envision a healthier New Orleans community with reduced opioid related deaths. Residents will be informed on risks associated with opioid use, their rights and protections to obtain and administer naloxone, substance abuse treatment options, and other related health services.

Overdose Trainings Available

The Overdose Prevention Program is dedicated to training OHL Clients, community members, and service providers. Trainings include recognizing the signs of an overdose, how to administer naloxone, next steps, harm reduction fundamentals, as well as laws and regulations surrounding naloxone access and use. Individuals with immediate need will be provided with a take-home naloxone kit at the time of the training. All others will be linked with a naloxone access programs.

Through the trainings we invite individuals and agencies to partner with use to help build community awareness around the opioid epidemic and to help educate residents on how to access and administer naloxone.

Contact Information for Overdose Prevention

For more information or to schedule a naloxone training, please contact us at revive@ohlinc.org

Program Staff:

Emily Loska
Outreach Coordinator
Mobile: (504) 418-1886

Lee Reisman, LMSW
Project Supervisor
Mobile: (504) 220-0805