Meeting the Speaker

Meeting the Speaker - Meeting the Speaker

On Tuesday, February 11th, OHL CEO Ed Carlson and Policy and Advocacy Specialist Lonnie Granier attended a small meeting with newly minted Speaker Clay Schexnayder on behalf of the Louisiana Primary Care Association, a membership organization where Ed currently sits as the Legislative Committee Chair. Also in attendance were Ryan Sinitiere with LPCA, Michael Andry with EXCELth (President of LPCA), and Brian Trascher with Gulf South Strategies. Our meeting with the Speaker was a good attempt to get a foot in the door with the new legislature. Although FQHCs are not controversial and our community health center network is easy to support, there are many new members in this legislature who will need to be informed about FQHCs and their impact. The Speaker encouraged us to continue with our advocacy and committed to working closely with LPCA on our issues.