Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL) is a nonprofit behavioral health care provider with an emphasis on addiction treatment. OHL was established in 1973 as a nonprofit residential substance abuse treatment facility with the mission of empowering people to conquer addiction. Today, Odyssey House offers a professional, structured and caring Therapeutic Community with comprehensive services and effective support systems that enable individuals to chart new lives and return to their communities as contributing members.

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OHL is currently accepting clients for all levels of treatment throughout its programs.

Our admissions process varies depending on the program. Please select the link related to your program of interest to find out more about the Admissions Process. Potential clients can be referred to OHL by various medical and case management agencies, agencies in the penal system, or by themselves. Potential clients should call the appropriate facility to begin the process of admittance. Clients must call on their own behalf; OHL cannot admit any client against their will.

Potential clients must undergo a screening process either face-to-face or over the phone.

Our admissions process varies depending on the program. To find out more about the admissions process for a particular program, please visit that program's information page, found by clicking on the links under "Substance Abuse Programs" and "Community Programs."


Medically Supported Detox
PH: (504) 324-3710
FAX: (504) 324-6712

Adult Residential Treatment
(Short Term Treatment and Long Term Housing/Intensive Outpatient)
PH: (504) 821-9211
FAX: (504) 324-4731 or (504) 371-5029 as backup

Adolescent Residential Treatment/ Academy
PH: (504) 324-8288, extension 1002
FAX: (504) 324-9765

OHL Community Medical Clinic
PH: (504) 383-8559
FAX: (504) 371-5162

Housing Programs
PH: (504) 239-0441

Female Reintegration of Ex-Offenders
PH: (504) 333-6186

*Please Note: The use of Buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) and Methadone (Methadone) is reserved for pregnant women only and is subject to medical review prior to admission.